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Village Country Store

Built: 1722/1780. Original Building Name: Hathorn House. Original Location: Tuckahoe Road, Upper Township

The Village Country store is stocked with an  unique assortment of heritage and gift items. Everything from knickknacks to books, craft kits, jams, jellies, handspun wool, housewares, toys, candy and more. Open during the summer season with special fall/winter hours and events. To contact the Country Store directly, please call (609) 898-2300, ext. 16 or e-mail

Thank you for purchasing items from the Village Country Store. All profits support HCSV Foundation, a non-profit living history museum.

The second oldest building in the Village, its original section was constructed in 1722.  The building, which is now home to the Country Store, is comprised of two heavy timber frame sections.  The first section, which is now where the front entrance of the Store is located, was built about 1722; it features joists, girts and plates with lamb’s tongue stops, two exposed gunstock corner posts, and two chased and flared corner posts.  About 1780-1790, an addition was placed against the north wall (the back section of the building).  The interior second floor was removed when the building was brought to the Village, exposing the interior framework and large chimney, which retains its original cooking crane.  The mid-1800s shelving and store fixtures were purchased at the auction of a Thomas Fleming’s 19th century country store in Middletown, Massachusetts.