One of the benefits of becoming a Member of Historic Cold Spring Village is the opportunity to volunteer and help keep history alive!  The Village has volunteer positions in a wide range of areas and would love to have you consider getting involved.  More detailed information and a list of possibilities and interests can be found on the form below; please fill it out and return if you would like to volunteer.  Thank you for supporting HCSV! 

pdf Volunteer Form

Historic Cold Spring Village wishes to thank its 2011 volunteers, who have helped do everything from knitting items to be sold in the Country Store, to making kids’ crafts, to helping plan and set-up for special fundraisers. Your participation has been invaluable!

Lorraine Juechter
Linda Kissling
Ida Scott
Joan Thomas
Mary Jane Lupton
Ken Baldwin
Jody Cathrall
Don Kissling
Chuck Juechter
Fred Ferrari
Liz and Merrill Miller
Anne and Joe Salvatore
Dona Kemling
Tom and Betty White
Penny and Dale Hardin
Joanne Heal
Trish and Bill Zackey
Shirley Stefanovicz
Irene Hallahan
John Murphy
Tom and Florence Price
Marie Haffner
Arlene MacDonald
Vicki Clark
Ric Rutherford
Carl Schneckenburger
….and to those who were mistakenly left off of the list-a sincere thank you!!!