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Corn Husk Doll

The Indians were the first to make the con husk doll. Corn husks were dried, tied, and fashioned into men, women and childern. All additional features were made of corn hush Faces were painted, and sticks were used to make arms and sometimes legs.

The corn husk doll you will make differ from the original Indian design. This doll is created with yarn, which when properly tied produces all of the parts of the body. You creativity and imagination will transform these characterless shapes into your favorite storybook figures. Use other materials t create clothing, and glue on facial features.

Things You Need: 12 corn husks yarn, string or cord

Get the husks from 2 or 3 ears of corn. Soak them in water until they are soft and easy to bend.

  1. Put together 3 corn husks that are the same length and fold them in half.
  2. Tie a string one inch from the fold to make a head.
  3. For the arms, cut two corn husk leaves about 5 inches long. Tie strings 1/2 inch from end to make hands
  4. Carefully part the husks of the body and slide arms through into place.
  5. Tie string around the body just below the arms to hold them in place.
  6. Paint or use markers to make a face and clothes on the doll. You may also use scraps of material to make clothes for your doll.
  7. For boy doll, follow the same steps as above, then slit the corn husks from the bottom to 1/2 inch below waist tie. Tie strings around bottom of each “leg.”